Arrest Warrants & Bonding

If you should receive a traffic citation, you will usually be required to sign the ticket. Signing is not an admission of guilt for the traffic offense, but you are agreeing to appear in court by the date and time stated on the ticket. You also have the option to pay the fine instead of appearing in court, although this amounts to a guilty plea that can result in points being added to your driving record and increased auto insurance rates.

If a Failure to Appear (FTA) warrant is issued for your arrest for an unpaid traffic ticket, any time you are pulled over for any traffic violation, you may be arrested and taken to jail immediately. You will be required to give bail to secure your release and to appear in court at a later date to deal with the charge. If you have an outstanding traffic warrant in Houston, you may be arrested at any time during the annual Warrant Roundup usually beginning in March.

You may resolve an outstanding arrest warrant by pleading guilty or “no contest” to the warrant charge and paying the fine, although this can result in points being added to your driving record, extra costs, and higher insurance rates. Alternatively, you may plead not guilty and post a bond in court to lift the warrant. If you post a bond, you are no longer subject to arrest and you will have the opportunity to fight your traffic ticket and potentially protect your driving record and avoid higher insurance rates.

Understanding Traffic Warrants If you find yourself under threat of a Harris County arrest warrant you may be confused and anxious. Many people do not realize that should they neglect to pay a traffic citation or attend a court date they could actually be arrested. While it is unlikely you will be arrested, this is a serious situation which must be taken care of quickly, preferably with experienced legal help. The attorneys of Sullo & Sullo can help you understand your warrant as well as help you deal with it in the most expeditious manner possible which leaves you with the least amount of long-term consequences.

Types of Traffic Warrants If you have neglected to pay your traffic citation as promised, the court will file a Failure to Appear charge against you and issue a warrant. This type of warrant is known as an alias warrant which means you have the right to appear in court and post a Harris County traffic bond in order to stop the threat of arrest. One of our Sullo & Sullo attorneys can post that bond on your behalf, then follow through to either negotiate a deal on your behalf or explain your options when you next appear in court.

A capias warrant, on the other hand, is issued if you agreed to certain conditions such as paying your fine and then failed to do so. If a capias warrant is issued you can either pay your fine or go to jail since the goal of a capias warrant is to compel you to take action and comply with the court’s original orders. Even though a capias warrant is generally not considered a serious criminal violation, per se, you could still find yourself doing time in jail. For this reason, should you become aware of any type of Harris County arrest warrant out for you, don’t delay rather take immediate action and consult a knowledgeable Houston attorney.

What Are Your Options Once a Traffic Warrant Has Been Issued? Having a Harris County arrest warrant issued on your behalf is serious business and you should definitely treat it with the respect it deserves. Handling the warrant on your own could be tricky; although you may be able to walk into court and post a Harris County traffic bond, effectively removing the warrant, there is always the chance you could be arrested on the spot. While it is not especially likely, it is possible. It may be a better idea to have a Sullo & Sullo attorney post the bond on your behalf, saving you any possible embarrassment or further trouble.

Once you post a bond in Houston, you no longer have to worry about being arrested, however you will have a new court date set in which you will have to deal with not only the original traffic citation but the Failure to Appear charge as well. This court appearance is critical, and you could have a much easier time in front of the judge with an attorney by your side. Your attorney might even be able to have the original charges dismissed, which would save you from the points on your driver’s license, an increase in insurance premiums and potential employment consequences. For the help you need, call a Sullo & Sullo attorney today—further delays could be very costly.

The Actual Cost of Missing a Court Date in Texas - Missing a court date to contest a traffic ticket can be a very serious issue, leading to a Harris County arrest warrant being issued. The very worst thing you can do at this point is to try your best to ignore the warrant, hoping you won’t actually be arrested or to attempt to leave town. It is vitally important that you confront such a situation head on, seeking the assistance of an experienced defense attorney in your area. The attorneys of Sullo & Sullo are highly knowledgeable regarding Houston arrest warrants as well as the ins and outs of posting a Harris County traffic bond. Before you end up deeper in hot water, it just makes sense to get legal help.

What are the Consequences of Missing a Court Date? Although you may shrug off missing a court date for a traffic citation, thinking it is really no big deal, the reality may be much more detrimental to your future than you might think. Whether you have agreed to mail in the fine or agreed to appear in court after receiving a traffic citation, the courts expect you to follow up and make good on those agreements. Should you forget to pay the ticket, or work interferes with your court date, it really is a big deal. The court will issue a Harris county arrest warrant with your name on it, and you will be required to post a Houston traffic bond in order to avoid an arrest.

While it’s true that the Houston police generally have bigger jobs to do than tracking down traffic court offenders, once an arrest warrant is issued you could be stopped on a simple traffic violation and be arrested immediately once the officer runs your license plate. During Houston’s annual warrant roundup the police are actively seeking those with traffic warrants against them and can arrest you anywhere at any time. You definitely want to avoid the embarrassment of an arrest in your home or place of work therefore solid legal advice is definitely warranted.

When the Charges Start Adding Up - A Failure to Appear charge is a new and separate charge from your original traffic citation, meaning you now have two sets of fines and charges to take care of, and the Houston arrest warrant must be dealt with as well. As you can see, the consequences are mounting up—an excellent reason to contact a Sullo & Sullo attorney who can post a Harris County bond on your behalf and discuss other options to minimize the damage a simple traffic citation has done. Simply paying your ticket will lead to points on your driving record, and depending on how many points you have you could actually end up having your license suspended. Those points will also lead to higher insurance premiums for a long time to come and could negatively impact your current or future employment. When all is said and done, the damage that missing a court date can do to your future can be quite extensive. Don’t hide your head in the sand and hope the situation will improve—it won’t! Call an attorney from the offices of Sullo & Sullo today to discuss your options.

Types of Warrants Issued by the State of Texas - Many people are under the mistaken belief they can simply ignore their old Houston traffic tickets and they will eventually go away. Unfortunately, this is just not true. These tickets can add up and cost you in ways you could never imagine. You may have just found out there is a Harris county arrest warrant out for you, or perhaps you are blissfully unaware of the fact until police officers show up at your place of work and arrest you for failure to appear. While you are in a better position if you are aware of the Houston arrest warrant, either way you need solid, reputable and experienced legal help. The law offices of Sullo & Sullo can offer the help you need in the expedient manner you require.

Types of Warrants

  • Alias Warrant—Should you have failed to respond to a traffic ticket in a timely manner, there may be an alias warrant in your name which means you still have the right to appear in court and post a Harris County traffic bond. Alternatively our firm can post that bond for you, remove the warrant and ensure a new court date is set for you without the threat of an arrest hanging over your head. Bear in mind that an alias arrest warrant is issued for those who were issued a citation and failed to make their initial appearance as scheduled or to alternatively make arrangements to have the violation cleared.
  • Capias Warrant—A capias warrant might be issued if you or your attorney posted a Houston traffic bond, you agreed to appear in court and did so, agreeing to certain conditions, then you failed to comply with those conditions. In other words you may have failed to meet your payment obligations as promised. If this is the case, then the court will issue a capias warrant and you have two options—pay the fine or go to jail. The goal of a capias warrant is to compel someone to take action and comply with court orders. Although a capias warrant is not generally considered “criminal,” should you be picked up on a capias warrant you could certainly spend some time in jail. Again, should you become aware of a capias warrant hanging over your head it is important that you contact the court immediately.

After the Warrants - Once a Harris County arrest warrant has been issued in your name, you must take decisive action. An attorney from the firm of Sullo & Sullo can post a bond in Houston for you, effectively preventing an arrest. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your particular citation, our attorneys may be able to have the warrant quashed or even have the charges dismissed completely depending on how long they have been ongoing. Remember—a Harris County arrest warrant is serious business so don’t take it lightly and don’t simply send in your money out of fear of arrest. We can look at your situation and determine the best way to proceed in order to minimize the long-term effects. Give Sullo & Sullo a call today for a consultation and a discussion on your options for posting a Harris County traffic bond.

Avoiding a Traffic Warrant in Texas - You may have been issued a traffic ticket in the state of Texas for one of a variety of violations of traffic law. You are required to respond to such a citation, either by paying your fine or appearing in court to contest the charges. Should you fail to do so, you could find your name on a City of Houston arrest warrant. Not only could you be subject to being arrested once you have been cited for Failure to Appear and a Harris County arrest warrant issued, you may suffer a whole host of additional fines and problems.

Should you find yourself in the position of having a Houston arrest warrant issued, you must take action immediately. Our attorneys at Sullo & Sullo have a solid background and experience in dealing with all sorts of traffic violations in Houston and surrounding areas. While it may seem extreme to hire an attorney to deal with a traffic violation you could be unpleasantly surprised at the variety of repercussions you could suffer as a result of “simple” traffic ticket.

Avoiding a Houston Arrest Warrant - The goal is, of course, to avoid having a Harris County arrest warrant issued in the first place. In order to do this, you must take your traffic citation very seriously and make note of the time you have to take care of the matter. You may have decided simply to mail in your payment rather than contesting the ticket, particularly if you are fairly certain you committed the offense. While this seems like the simplest solution, be aware that you will be subject to points on your driving record which can accrue to the point of costing you your Texas driver’s license at least for a period of time.

Paying a traffic ticket is the same as pleading guilty to the offense, meaning that you are, in effect, convicted of that offense, resulting in a conviction on your driving record. Once points show up on your driving record, your insurance rates will likely increase significantly and you could even pay the price for the conviction at your place of employment, particularly if driving is part of your job. For all these reasons, consulting an attorney is a better option. The attorneys of Sullo & Sullo may be able to fight your traffic citation in court, and could even be able to have the ticket dismissed completely.

What to Do if There Is a Houston Arrest Warrant Out for You - As you can see, avoiding a Harris County arrest warrant is definitely your best option, however if a ticket or court appearance has simply slipped your mind and you find yourself under the cloud of an arrest warrant, it is definitely time to consult a knowledgeable Houston attorney. You do not want to find yourself being arrested while you are at work or home—or really any time at all. An arrest is a humiliating experience for most people, and if it occurs as a result of failing to pay a traffic fine, there is an extra level of embarrassment.

Our attorneys will examine the individual circumstances of your case—after all each case is unique. They will then offer you your best options for clearing up your outstanding warrant which will likely include posting a Harris County bond which will take away the threat of an arrest. Rather than appearing in person to post your bond, your attorney can handle that for you so there would be no chance of being arrested as you are posting the bond. Call Sullo & Sullo today for an examination of your case and the help you need.

Why Do I Need an Attorney for a Traffic Warrant? Traffic warrants are generally viewed as relatively harmless, and most people are unaware they could actually be arrested on a Harris County arrest warrant for an unpaid traffic ticket. It’s easy to overlook paying a traffic ticket or appearing before a judge as ordered, however the consequences can be very serious. Many people would not even consider hiring an attorney to help them fight traffic charges because they are completely in the dark as to the potential long-term consequences such traffic charges can bring. The attorneys of Sullo & Sullo are highly experienced in all aspects of traffic citations and can guide you in the best direction possible to minimize the fallout of a Failure to Appear or City of Houston arrest warrant.

Consequences of a Harris County Arrest Warrant - While it is true that generally speaking Houston’s police officers have much more important jobs to do than tracking down people who have neglected to pay their traffic tickets, once a City of Houston arrest warrant has been issued in your name, you must not simply assume that you will not be arrested. You may be pulled over on a very minor infraction such as a non-working taillight and suddenly find yourself in handcuffs once the officer runs your license plate and becomes aware of the outstanding arrest warrant. You could be taking your child to school, or be on vacation, and the results will be the same—you being arrested. Further, during Houston’s annual warrant roundup the police are actively seeking those who have ignored traffic citations as well as the subsequent Failure to Appear charges and the Houston arrest warrant. They may find you at work and arrest you in front of your co-workers and boss or come to your home and arrest you in front of your family. Needless to say, being arrested anywhere will likely be a humiliating and frightening experience.

Avoiding an Arrest - Because of the very real possibility of being arrested when you least expect it, should you become aware of a Harris County arrest warrant with your name on it, don’t delay. By contacting one of the experienced lawyers with Sullo & Sullo, you will be taking a positive step to resolve your legal issues in the most expedient manner possible. Our attorneys will spend the necessary time with you and examine your case thoroughly as each case is unique. You may be able to have your attorney post a Harris county bond in order to immediately relieve the threat of an arrest and have a new court date set.

Once you are no longer under the shadow of a Houston arrest warrant, you and your attorney can discuss your options. While simply paying the past due fines may certainly be one option, you must be aware of the consequences of doing so. You can end up with a serious blot on your driving record, or find that the points you have accrued have caused your insurance rates to skyrocket. You may even find your driver’s license or your job in jeopardy as a result of simply paying your fines without being aware of possible alternatives. While having a Harris County arrest warrant with your name on it is extremely upsetting, our highly trained attorneys are experts in lessening that anxiety and helping you out of a bad situation. Give Sullo & Sullo a call today to discuss your traffic issues.

How We Can Help with Your Traffic Warrant - Having a City of Houston arrest warrant issued for you can be a really frightening, anxiety-producing event. Even harder for you to believe may be that this warrant was a result of failing to pay a simple traffic citation or appearing in court as you promised. Even if you have a perfectly good explanation for why you did not follow through with the traffic citation, the court will probably not be particularly sympathetic.

Although it is not especially likely that you will actually be arrested, you absolutely cannot count on it. You could be stopped for a simple violation such as a burned-out taillight, have the officer run your plates and find yourself in the back of the police cruiser before you know what hit you. Or, during Houston’s annual warrant roundup you could find officers knocking on your front door at home or coming into your place of work to take you into custody. Don’t let this happen to you!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help - The attorneys of Sullo & Sullo have had extensive experience in dealing with Harris County arrest warrants and can guide you through the process of posting a Houston traffic bond and ending the threat of arrest. While you may not feel the situation warrants the intervention of an attorney, you might want to consider the potential consequences before making that decision. Aside from being arrested, should you decide to simply pay all your fines, slipping a check in the mail and hoping it reaches the court soon, you still have to deal with a variety of issues.

You will effectively be pleading guilty to your initial traffic violation meaning you your payment of the fine will result in a conviction. This conviction will add points to your driving record, and depending on whether you already have points on your record, could actually result in having your license suspended. Every point on your driver’s license can result in an increase in your insurance premiums for a very long time to come, and could impact your employment status as well.

Why You Should Not Handle a Traffic Warrant on Your Own - Having a knowledgeable attorney by your side can lessen the long-term consequences of what seemed like a simple traffic ticket. Your attorney can post your Houston traffic bond on your behalf, sparing you the embarrassment of a potential arrest while you are posting it in person. A Sullo & Sullo attorney may also be able to negotiate on your behalf, significantly lessening the future consequences of your traffic citation and the subsequent Harris County arrest warrant.

Our attorneys have dealt with situations such as yours for many, many years however we are fully aware that each situation is unique. As a client of ours, we will take the time to sit down with you and fully explore all your options in order to ensure the most positive outcome. We realize that life gets busy and people forget things—like paying their traffic fines—however don’t let one mistake snowball into many more. Contact the attorneys of Sullo & Sullo for the experienced legal advice and compassionate help you need.

Sullo & Sullo, LLP has an experienced team of traffic attorneys who can help you with Failure to Appear (FTA) warrants.

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